The Point Fitness

FREEquently Asked Questions

Seriously? Everything is free?
No. We charge for personal training and we allow our facility to be used by other instructors for a fee.  They set their own rates for their services. Everything ELSE is free.

How is that even possible? You have to make money don't you?
Yes, we have bills to pay to keep the place open, but to do that we rely on donations and the fees we charge for Personal Training,  as well as fees paid by outside instructors for the use of our facility.

Oh, donations, so you DO charge...
Nope. You can donate as much or as little as you choose, IE you can donate nothing.  While we appreciate donations we do not require them  and we pinky swear not to make frowny faces at you if you don't donate.

Do I have to be a member of Columbia Association?
Is there a start-up fee?
What is it that I have to pay?
What's the catch?
No catch! Seriously! Really! This is real! Stop trying to figure out what the catch is and come work out!

How much do people usually donate? Is there a suggested donation amount?
Donations usually range between $5 and $20 at a time, but we don't set a suggested amount because we don't want anyone to feel pressured to give anything they don't feel comfortable giving.

How do I donate?
Cash/ change/ check donations are accepted in the cash box at the snack stand. Credit donations are accepted online or at the kiosk. We accept some equipment donations, but please ask before bringing anything in! Please be aware, we are not a non-profit and donations are not tax-deductible.

Are there classes for all ages?
Children of all ages are welcome in most of our classes, at parents' discretion. Our LetItGo class involves kicking and punching the air and props, so this class may not be appropriate for younger children that may imitate outside of class. Children of all ages are always welcome to participate in our open play areas.

What's up?
Up is the direction, opposite relative to the pull of gravity.

Do you offer personal training or nutrition advice?
Yes! We offer Personal Training as well as a referral service.  For most anything you're interested in doing (at least anything related to fitness),  we can Point you in the right direction to get started!

How do I know where to start with my workout/ fitness?
This is Point A. If you have no idea what you're really trying to do, you're in the right place.  We can help you determine your true goals  and find the direction you ought to go in to reach your Point B.

If I have a medical condition, can I still work out at The Point?
Yes! We do require anyone with a personal or family history of certain medical conditions to have a  Physician Authorization Form completed.  This allows your Physician to communicate any restrictions on activities  you should have, but also helps us to help you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively.

I'm already a certified Personal Trainer. Can I train my clients here?
Absolutely! Check out the Co-op Infomation Page !

How do your hours work
Because we have found that daytime weekday hours are not very popular, we decided there's no Point keeping the place open during that time. However, to accomodate anyone that may want to work out during those hours (if you have a day off, or want to get your workout in earlier, or for whatever reason), we offer Hours-On-Demand from 6a to 4p Monday through Friday. If you want to come in during that time, all you have to do is select "Open the Gym" on the calendar, (you can also call to request the time) at least 10 hours in advance.