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2017 December - Week 2

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2017 December - Week 2

We have some actual news! We'll have Zumba classes beginning December 18!
I really wasn't planning to offer Zumba. Most of what we're trying to do is to re-define fitness and Zumba has been around for nearly 20 years, but I went into this knowing that all my ideas would have to be maleable. At least a third of the people I've talked to about our ideals to make fitness fun have asked if we offered Zumba.
Honestly, I didn't know much about it, other than that it was fitness through dance, which isn't exactly an original idea; just try any other dance class and tell me you're not winded and sweaty. What I didn't realize about Zumba was one of the most important elements: Fun. In fact, if I'd done my research in the first place, I would probably have decided to offer Zumba much earlier. For anyone that doesn't already know, the key difference between Zumba and other dance classes is that the goal is not to get good at dancing. Where most dance classes aim to help you hone that skill, Zumba just uses basic dance moves, but the emphasis is having fun and keeping the energy up. The result, generally, should be weight loss and generally improved fitness.  ( Pretty interesting article on Zumba as a business; a very forward thinking company).
After doing my research, I'm much more excited about bringing in Zumba than I had originally been, but based on our need to re-define, we're going to have to do things a bit differently. I was contacted by a prospective client that asked if she could do Zumba in the 'spooky room' (she actually referred to it as the 'glow room'). We've been pretty excited about that room, as it's one of the most fun places we've got here. It's been suggested that we offer a myriad of fitness classes in there, so as we're going to be bringing in Zumba, I have to say yes! You can do Glow Zumba. Does it become Glumba? We're also considering Zumba made more challenging (adding weights for resistance, possibly incorporating our plyo boxes, etc) and, as always, keeping the whole family involved by offering Family Zumba (kids can dance along or ride along in child carriers). 
​We're also going to begin having Family Fitness Game Nights. If you're already aware, our FamilyFit classes are very similar to traditional fitness, but with modifications to keep the kids involved. We want to continue the mission of keeping fitness fun, so we'll be introducing fitness games of varying types as a special class.
Finally, because I'm not sure it's been communicated clearly so far, we're doing some restructuring of our pricing and memberships. We understand that for many people that want to try out a new gym, a new fitness routine, or just see if this is finally the thing that they'll keep up with, a membership is just one more commitment you're not sure you can really make. So in an effort to make our services less obligating, we'll be offering all our services as short-term commitments, as well as continuing our monthly options. That means that if you want to drop in for open gym a few times now, but then you don't feel like it for a few months, you can do that without the membership. Or if you want to try a few classes, you can drop-in or buy a class-pack (paying for a certain number of classes up front with no further commitment).
All of these options will be available both online and on-site by the end of this week (class drop-ins are already available).
That's about it for current news, but with all the excitement that seems to come from nowhere every day, I'm sure we'll have more news soon!

2017 December - Week 2

So the Grand Opening was a far better success than the soft-launch Open House. Thank you to everyone that attended, and a special thanks to all those that have helped make all of this possible! Special shout out to my old friend Rehan Khan, whose restaurant, Umami Global Bistro , catered the event. The food was delicious and hard to believe it's some of the healthiest you might enjoy!
Still, better isn't going to keep our doors open, so in the coming weeks we're going to take several initiatives to get the word out, let people know we're here, and try to bring in some memberships.
January 27, 2018 we'll be hosting our Families Fit Together event to benefit Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation. This group helps famlies stay close when their child has a medical crisis and has to have a long-term hospital stay. We feel like their mission lines up well with ours in that we both want to keep families together as much as possible. The event will run for our normal hours that day (9am - 8pm) and contestants are asked to find sponsors to help support the cause. Contestants will receive a free T-Shirt, plus be eligible to win prizes for their participation in the event. We will also be collecting donations, both monetary and small items, on site up through the event. (We already have the donation basket set up in the front.) For more information about the event, contact Michelle or Krissy at The Point (443-546-4638).
We are also excited to be hosting a few Meet-ups! After reaching out to some Meet-up groups, we are looking forward to welcoming some new friends to try out our space and our classes and if we're doing our jobs, hopefully we'll have more visitors after that! Thanks so much to all those that have expressed interest!
Finally, we're looking forward to reaching out to the community in general in new and exciting ways. So far we're finding that most people we talk to about our services are interested and appreciate the idea. The feedback is positive, we just need to get more people to actually walk in the door! 
If anyone happens to have any ideas, suggestions, or if you'd like to host an event, please contact Michelle or Krissy.

2017 October - Week 3

Location is set! Everything is finally falling into place!
Getting equipment and making preparations for opening, which will be November 4, 2017.
Our first day open will be a free open-house day, open to all ages. We'll have games, giveaways, prize drawings, and most importantly, we'll have everything set up to introduce ourselves and our mission to the community! 
If you want to get The Point, come by anytime 10am to 7pm Saturday November 4 to join in the fun.

2017 October - Week 1

Hopefully our property search is over. The prospective location is in Columbia and it's exactly what I've been imagining. At least it will be once we clean up a bit and move our equipment in. :)
Also making strides in completing a good bit of said equipment, as well as our give-aways and marketing material.
I'm pretty excited that I believe we've found the perfect third member of our team in an old friend. We'll have formal introductions of all members of our team posted on our page soon.
Our market research/ survey events will most likely be during the last two weeks of October. We'll post the times/ locations here as well as on social media accounts. We'll be conducting surveys, giving away free stuff, offering sign-ups for drawings, and giving some insight into what The Point is. That doesn't sound as fun as I think it will be... IT'S GONNA BE SO FUN!!!
Okay, I may have crossed the line into rambling, so I'll try to keep this updated and check-in when we have better, more concrete information.

2017 September - Week 2

So here's where we're at.
Business Plan - rough draft complete
Website - ever-evolving draft complete
Location - up in the air

It feels like so much has been done, and yet there's so many monsters left to tackle! As I dive into the steps that make this whole thing seem so much more real, I want to reflect on some of the feedback I've been getting:

What if someone without kids wants to come? -- The goal is to serve EVERYONE that traditional gyms don't serve. If you're new to fitness and finds big gyms intimidating, but you don't want to be coddled by Planet F-- (wait, can I say that here?). If you've been working out for a while and want to try new challenges. If you get bored with normal workouts. If you want to get fit, but something about the big gyms turns you off. If you want to have fun and use up some energy. The Point is for you.

If I already have a gym membership, why would I leave to come to your gym? -- If you use your current gym membership, you probably wouldn't. We're not competing with traditional gyms, we're offering an entirely new type of fitness. If you never use your current gym membership, then we can talk. Let's figure out why you don't use your current membership and I'll bet you'll use your membership at The Point.

What about people that are really serious about body-building and weight lifting? -- From what I hear, Gold's Gym serves them well. Again, that's not the population we're trying to serve because that population is already served. Don't think of our clientele as "gym-goers," because many will not be people that often go to gyms. Most will be individuals new to sports and fitness, parents and children, people who's age is catching up to them, people with injuries or disabilities that can't use traditional equipment, etc. Imagine the entire population in the area near The Point. Now take out all the people that go to some type of gym more than once or twice a week. All the people that are left would potentially benefit and appreciate what we have, and our goal is to serve them to the best of our ability.

​More updates to come, stay tuned!