The Point Fitness

The Point?

Our mission at The Point Fitness, is to make fitness fun and attainable for all ages and fitness levels.
We offer open gym; use of our entire facility and all of our equipment; classes based around fun and games; and personalized instruction.

Our facility and most of our classes are designed to allow use by all ages so that parents don't have to put their kids in daycare while they work out or sit on the sidelines while their child plays.

Our classes are designed to be fun so that anyone who wants to reach a fitness goal is motivated by their own enjoyment, rather than trying to push past all the discouragements.

Our non-traditional equipment is here for you to personalize your own fitness, invent your own games, and create an experience to share with your friends and family.

We offer use of our equipment, as well as participation in all of our classes for free so that everyone has access to a place where they can get fit and healthy.

If you want to get fit, have fun, and make it your own, that's The Point!

My Story

We often don't use the words we mean. Many people assume that there are people who are "into fitness" and then the rest of us. But you can be "into" whatever you want.

When I say fitness, what do you think?
Free weights? Machines? Aerobics? Cardio? Strength training?
Going to work? Sports? Tag? Red Rover? Hide and Seek? Field Day? Dodgeball? Throwing things at people?
Playing with your kids/ friends/ family?


I was never "into fitness" growing up. I did extracurriculars for a while, but I could never get into traditional workouts. Exercise always felt Pointless. After high school I started working and found that I lost weight, just by moving around. Working at the Post Office I found that I built up strength and endurance. Working in construction I realized strength I would never have imagined myself to have.

Honestly, I never did find much interest in "working out". But I love to have fun, so all I have to do is make exercise fun and I "work out". (Having a kid pretty much makes the fun aspect a requirement.) That's what I wanted to share at The Point. You don't have to lift weights and jog and "exercise" to be fit. Fitness is part of life. Lifting anything, doing things quickly, and moving around for any reason IS fitness. The Point is to make it fun.