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In the Glow Room...

If you've ever tried Zumba and didn't like it, this is the perfect opportunity to try it again. 

Yes, we are doing "real" Zumba- the Latin rhythms, music, choreography; but Zumba has lost a lot of prospective students due to all sorts of issues. Maybe the instructor went too fast, maybe the music was too unfamiliar, maybe the steps were too complicated. Whatever the reason, the result is that Zumba wasn't fun and that's the most important thing it should be.

Our primary goal is to make it fun, especially for anyone new to Zumba or fitness in general, and to anyone that has had negative experiences with Zumba in the past. After all, Zumba is supposed to be fun!

What's different? Well, we do Zumba in the Glow Room (an appropriate party scene), we use simple choreography (don't worry, you'll get a workout, it'll just be easier to follow along), and we use music that bridges the gap between Latin and other cultures as much as possible (so no matter what you can at least enjoy the music).

If you happen to try our Zumba class and you don't have fun, TELL US! We are all about making fitness fun and if we're not doing that for you, we want to know!

Zumba and all of our classes are FREE, though we do take donations :)
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